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Hotel Bathtub; Honobia


30 Acres

  • Set in a breathtaking landscape, this property is as sweet as they come. This is in one of Southeast Oklahoma’s most pristine areas. Hunting, fishing, hiking and equestrian activities are all found to be happening here.
  • Riding the K-Trail on your SxS or ATV is a very popular recreation or day’s adventure along with the many roads we find in the woods.
  • There is power on the property, large trees both pine and hardwoods, white tail deer, black bear and turkey. This is an exceptional hunting ground.
  • Located on Honobia Loop (1715 Ln) on the far west end close to 144.
  • Back in the day a hotel was on this part of the river, back then an important destination.
  • The hotel was across the river when it was there.
  • The river is deep. That stretch is known as the bath tub.
  • Its very deep for 1/4 mile (or so).
  • Good for kayaking. This property is only 1 hour from Hochatown and Broken Bow.
  • Also, this is where Bigfoot left his/her mark!
  • 2 1/2 hrs. from Dallas

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