Talihina is located about the center of the Choctaw Nation. There are a few events the Choctaw hold for us here in Southeast Oklahoma and seasonal celebrations held here within our population here in the Talihina area.

Events held by the Talihina Chamber of Commerce:

  • Fall Foliage Festival in the first weekend of November
  • Christmas Parade
  • Annual Rodeo and Parade
  • Seasonal activities can be found on talihinachamber.com

Choctaw Veterans Ceremony at Tuskahoma
Choctaw Annual Pow Wow at the Durant Cultural Center
Choctaw Annual Picnic at Sardis Lake
Choctaw Annual Gathering at Tuskahoma

We are only 1200 citizens with in the town limits at our last census, but our surrounding areas in our mountains bring lots of folks into town. In a 25 mile radius we take in Clayton, Buffalo Valley, Tuskahoma, Albion, Honobia, Whitesboro and Muse just to call out these beautiful communities.

We are becoming a medical economy with the Choctaw Nation Hospital and Clinics here, the State of Oklahoma Veterans Facility, small mountain ranches and many home based businesses. We have a home building supply, a furniture store, and a few destination points that support our tourism activities.

Our citizenry is a people that enjoy the outdoors taking care of their animals on the farms and ranches, or going out to their family’s hunting camp out in the surrounding mountains.